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My name is Maggie and I'm a 17 year old girl from Germany. I have a question relating an actress of the original Broadway cast ( Hope that's okay ). Well, the thing is that I'm a great fan of Harriet ( Sansom ) Harris who played Mrs. Meers in the broadway version. I'd like to write her but unluckily I can't find any contact information on the internet? Does anyone know where I could get the adress?
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DId they ever make a dvd?

Being in Sydney, then Hong Kong and then in Beijing I never managed to see Millie on Broadway. Did they ever made a dvd of the production??? :(

PS: Does anyone have any decent quality video clips of the main songs from the musical? I never saw any unfortunately.
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Hello all!

Hey all you Millie fans, I'm posting for the first time!

Millie is one of my all time favorite musicals, and the first that I really followed from out of town to previews to opening on broadway. Millie really helped me from going insane when I moved junior year as well. And Sutton...is just amazing, of course, there is no other millie for me (even tho I fell in love with Julie's Millie first). How great it was to see her grow up in the role to become the next leading lady of broadway. Then there's wonderful Gavin...need I say more? And Marc, and Harriet, and Sheryl.....basically, how could you not love everything Millie?! I only saw it 4 times on bway unfortunatly, however I did see both Sutton's last performance and the last show. So that's my Millie history. I look forward to connecting with other Millie enthusiasts; I was so mad when they shut down the website. Goodbye for now!
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New Member Here!!

Hey guys:
I just saw a production of TMM at the Fisher theatre in Detroit. WOW. That show is totally amazing (as you all know)

I've always been interested in that time period, and so of course from the very first scene and even the OVERTURE, I was in love. The actors weren't the same as on the CD, but they were amazing. I cried at the point when Jimmy kissed Millie for the first time. Happy crying. WOW.

I would love to find the sheet music for this show, does it even exsist? I am looking for it. If anyone has it, let me know where you got it. Maybe I'll find it on ebay..
Speaking of ebay, I found a flapper dress JUST like the ones in the show on ebay. SO cute. I bought it for $4.00!!

Keep posting guys, I love you all (even though I'm new!)

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Getting a little desperate!! Does anyone by any chance have sheet music for Thoroughly Modern Millie (the theme song) in a key lower than G Major
...Would really REALLY appreciate it...and if it doesn't actually exist it'd be really good to know!!!

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Just wondering if anyone might me able to help me out...I'm searching for the sheet music to the theme song from thoroughlt modern millie in a key lower than G major. If anyone has any ideas of where I can find it or would be able to send it to me it'd be much appreciated!!!
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Hi! I have an audition coming up, and I’m planning on singing “Only in New York” or “They Don’t Know.” Well, my friend, who has the sheet music, lost it. So if any of you have it and could scan those songs and email them to me (pizzle_on_stage@hotmail.com) I would love you forever!! Or if you know if they’re online anywheres. I don’t have time to order them, and the music store in my town doesn’t have the book. Please! I need your help!